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More extrapolation from usage statistics on the ePub validation service, which uses Adobe’s epubcheck:

This report, current as of today, tracks visits to the validator. Blue represents visits in the current month; green is the comparison with the previous month.

When I segment by country I get some interesting new results:

India: +115%
US: +66%
Russia: +2,500%
UK: +52%
Canada: +155%
Germany: -25%
New Zealand: +100%
Ukraine: +500%
France: -25%
Philippines: +100%

I’ve highlighted those countries which are essentially new to the report. (The absolute numbers here are still very low by web traffic standards, so a 2,500% gain is not as huge as it sounds.)

India, of course, continues to be the major user of the validator. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see ePubs starting to come out of new places.

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