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I’ll be in Portland, OR this weekend for the O’Reilly Open Source Convention, talking with people about future directions for Bookworm and other threepress projects. If you’ll be there and would like to get in touch, the best way to contact me is by email

Some samples of the current version of Bookworm Mobile running on an iPhone:

On the left, the main screen shows just the list of books in your library.  In the current version there is no pagination or sorting; that will change shortly.  News about Bookworm is displayed below the book list (it appears in the left nav in the web version).

On the right, the table of contents for a particular book, with the current section expanded out in gray.  (The gray versus black convention should probably be reversed.)

On the left is a sample page from a book, showing HTML styles and numbering.  Next and previous links appear at the top and bottom of the current page (as in the web version), but the mobile version includes a “Contents” link which jumps to the TOC.

On the right, a page including an image.  The iPhone screen is quite good and the images look great, although tables or complex figures are probably going to be too small without a lot of zooming and panning.

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