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I have split threepress into two different projects hosted on Google Code:

  1. threepress search, which is the web application that is running on
  2. epub-tools, which is a repository for standalone tools which can be used in other projects

Most developers will be interested in epub-tools.  Experimental projects will start in the search application, receive feedback from the digital publishing community, and get packaged up for distribution in epub-tools.

The tools project has only one application now: tei2epub.

The current version of tei2epub includes these recent changes:

  1. The latest version of the validation utility epubcheck (0.9.5)
  2. The NCX files now validate against the NCX DTD as well as epubcheck’s schema (thanks to Jon Noring for testing)
  3. Some corrections were made to render TOCs more attractively in Adobe Digital Editions


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