Posted on by & filed under general. is a repository for open source software designed for use by publishers.

What this means is:

  1. All of the software is free, meaning there is no cost associated with it. It also means free in the sense of unencumbered: it can be modified or re-purposed for any use, including commercial use.
  2. Most packages re-use other tools (which are themselves open source, but may have slightly different licensing restrictions). One of the goals of threepress is to maximize existing toolkits — carefully modified to suit the needs of publishers — but not to re-invent whole processes.

More pragmatically, theepress also serves as a sandbox for me to experiment with projects as part of my consulting business. Although in many cases it will be impossible to do so, I hope to convince publishers that it is in their own interest to use and release projects in an open source context. For more information on consulting, see this About page.

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