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What will people make of our age a thousand years hence? What will they find remarkable about the waning years of the second millennium and the coming of the third? The invention of the Web? The fact that human beings decoded their own genome or sent a vehicle to Mars? The emergence of digitally empowered democracy movements around the world? The ways in which we responded, or didn't, to the specter of climate change? All of this will be notable, but most of all, they'll be struck by the fact that in our generation, the pace of change went hypercritical.

Truly, change has changed. We are surrounded by all sorts of things ...


Subject Overview

Standing still is not an option; to continue to thrive, our organization needs to change as fast as—if not faster than—the world around us. In this environment, to successfully initiate and manage change, you need to have a good understanding of the change process—and how to overcome the things that can get in the way of success.

Lesson Introduction

According to acclaimed business thinker Gary Hamel, “what matters is not merely a company’s competitive advantage at a point in time, but its evolutionary advantage over time.” From this point of view, the key to staying ahead of the game isn’t doing more of the same but rather continually explo...