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I’ve grown accustomed to eyes-down, face-in-gadget encounters with people too absorbed in texting to answer their child’s persistent query at a store, too engrossed with e-mail to notice they’re blocking the aisle, or too immersed in talking on a cell phone to respond to a food server. From personal YouTube channels to picture-posting Facebookers obsessed with documenting their day, we’re enthralled with ourselves.

But you can’t be authentic if you’re self-absorbed. Self-awareness and self-absorption lead to different outcomes. The first builds trust; the second diminishes it. Prolific me-focused behav...


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Subject Overview

More than technology, assets, or intellectual property, people are at the heart of every organization. For that reason, building positive, collaborative relationships is more important than almost any other task or initiative. The time you invest in making people feel valued and respected will pay off in the form of committed and engaged employees—and in higher levels of innovation and productivity.

Lesson Introduction

Being authentic means being true to yourself rather than conforming to other people’s expectations. Team members are more likely to follow leaders who are authentic than those who say and do things they don’t believe.