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Keeping Track Is Important

Learning and self-development are lifelong pursuits. The goals we set for ourselves shift over time. In some cases our goals change because we have achieved the results we aimed for, and in other cases they change because they are no longer relevant (perhaps because of a job or role change). Your ability to track your progress on development goals provides you with information about when enough is enough (either because you have done all you can or need to do or because the goal is no longer beneficial). Tracking your progress can help clarify which goals are leading to the impact you desire and which need to be reconsidered, eithe...


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Tracking your progress is an important step in any development effort. The next several lessons will discuss how to set self-development objectives, create plans that can be more easily tracked and what tools and techniques you can use to monitor your progress and help you stay on track. Additional techniques for removing barriers and garnering support are also presented.