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An action plan is just what it sounds like. You make one to plan the actions that you must take to realize your goal. An action plan improves your ability to reach your goal by helping you think about what you need to do, determine what resources you need to draw on, and plan for the learning you need to accomplish. Your plan should incorporate ways in which you can gather the lessons that will help you develop your skills as a leader. For example, you can

  • learn from a challenging situation
  • learn from ongoing feedback (including assessments)
  • learn from a role model, mentor, or coach
  • learn from reading publications or attending courses and seminars



Now that you’ve identified your career goals, solidify your plan by detailing how you can develop needed skills and track your development in those skill areas. Also take advantage of powerful suggestions for documenting a career action plan.

Use the checklist that follows to document your career action plan.