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Checklist for Masterful Meeting Leaders

To create truly masterful meetings, masterful meeting leaders take the following actions:

Planning and Preparing

  • Determine the meeting type, purpose, and products.
  • Select participants.
  • Identify probable issues that need to be addressed.
  • Develop the proposed agenda.
  • Select the processes that will be used in executing the agenda, and define the engagement strategies.
  • Hold discussions as needed prior to the meeting.
  • Select the meeting location, and handle other logistics.
  • Prepare and distribute the meeting notice showing a gathering...



Subject Overview

Use the Master Meeting Checklist in a number of ways. Post it where you can see it easily to track your progress through all phases of managing a meeting. Also consider using this checklist at the end of a meeting to assess whether you've completed all the activities required for a high-impact meeting.