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Opening the Session

As you will see, the order you use to open a facilitated session is critical. It is important that your opening addresses the most significant needs of the participants first. In my experience with literally hundreds of facilitated sessions, I have found the following order to be effective for most sessions. (The meaning of “inform, excite, empower, and involve” will be covered next.)

Recommended Order of the Opening for a Facilitated Session
1. Welcome
2. Session purpose and product (i...


Subject Overview

A well-run meeting is often the best way for a team to communicate information, make decisions, and agree on who will accomplish what and when.

To conduct a successful meeting, you need to know how to:

  • Get the meeting started
  • Establish ground rules
  • Stay focused and on track
  • Encourage participation
  • Address meeting challenges such as inappropriate behavior

Lesson Introduction

Beginning a meeting with a strong opener sets the tone for the entire session. Discover how to engage and involve everyone right from the start.