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Step 1: Simple Review of Decisions

The most straightforward method for reviewing decisions is simply to read through the list of items on the Decisions list and ask, “Does this list fairly portray the decisions we made in this meeting? Were there any other decisions that we made?” A sample Decisions list is presented in Figure 8.1.



Step 2: Documenting of Decisions and B...


You prepared well for your meeting. Once the meeting began, you kept it focused and on track. Now it’s time to end the meeting and assess its effectiveness. And even when the meeting’s over, your work won’t be finished—you’ll need to make sure the ideas developed and decisions made get put into action.

To close a meeting, you need to:

  • Review the meeting
  • Identify next steps
  • Evaluate the meeting
  • End the meeting
  • Follow up after the meeting

Lesson Introduction

This lesson is the first of a group of lessons about closing a meeting. Learn how to review the meeting so everyone understands what has been accomplished during the meeting, such as issu...