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SMART facilitators prefer to hold a briefing with the participants prior to a facilitated meeting. Briefing the participants in advance has several advantages:

Advantages of Briefing Participants in Advance
  • You can identify, prior to the session, any issues participants have related to the facilitated session or the session topic. By knowing these issues in advance of the session, you can make adjustments to the process you will use to achieve the session’s purpose.
  • The participants can reach consensus on the agenda for the session and the key products they intend to create. By doing this ...


The better prepared your meeting participants are, the more engaged and productive they’ll be. Learn how to brief participants in advance of meetings, especially those that are complex or span multiple sessions.

You’ll notice a reference to “SMART facilitators.” SMART is an acronym for the author’s facilitation method, “Structured Meeting and Relating Techniques.” Click on the link to the source book if you’d like to learn more about this approach.