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What Is Respect?

The word respect has its origins in the Latin noun respectus, which translates literally to: the act of looking back, and the Latin verb, respicere, which means to look back. Today, the actual word, as it pertains to people, has evolved to be defined by Merriam-Webster the following ways:

Respect: noun - 1) the act of giving particular attention: consideration, 2) high or special regard: esteem, 3) the quality of being esteemed.

Respect: verb - 1a) to consider worthy of high regard: esteem, 1b) to refrain from interfering with, 2) to have reference to: concern.<...


When people are shown respect, they feel valued and secure. These positive emotions not only make team members feel good, they can lead to improved performance and a vibrant, productive workplace. By actively practicing and nurturing respect, you can help people feel safe in taking the risks needed to fuel innovation.