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The Roadmap

Learning How to Navigate

Have you ever had a problem that you know little or nothing about land on your desk at work? Does the problem make you feel overwhelmed and uncertain as to where to begin? Challenges like this usually occur when you already have a full workload, unrealistic deadlines, and limited resources. What can you do when you feel lost, like Hansel or Gretel trying to find your way out of the forest?

Learning to navigate through unfamiliar territory goes a long way toward easing the burden and can help you feel comfortable dealing with t...


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Subject Overview
Before you can improve a process and make it more efficient, you need to understand it. What activities and steps comprise the process? What works well? What doesn’t work? Only after you answer these questions can you look for opportunities to improve it. This group of lessons introduces you to methods for analyzing, measuring, and evaluating your current processes and performance.

Lesson Introduction
Processes define how work gets done. They need to be clearly defined and streamlined in order for you to efficiently meet your organization’s goals.

This lesson introduces you to Business Process Improvement (BPI), a systematic way of analyzing and improvi...