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Now that you have squeezed every last bit of efficiency from the process using your analytical and mental skills, you can look at how technology can help the process become even more effective and efficient.

In this discussion of the use of technology to automate the process, I focus on technology that you probably have available to you or that you can purchase inexpensively. I do not talk about major system implementations because one employee trying to improve an everyday business process does not have the authority to spend a few million dollars on a new computer system. Even if you can purchase a new application, you probably hav...


Six of the seven improvement techniques in this topic rely on your team’s analytical skills. Automating a process involves using technology to help a process be more effective and efficient, and should be considered only after you’ve applied other techniques. In this selection, you’ll understand why automating a process should be the final technique you use. Also learn how to determine which technology tools can help you automate your process.