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Change as a Process

As we have seen with so many areas in the organization, processes are established to document, standardize, control, and communicate how tasks are to be carried out. Change is a task that organizations will have to implement and therefore should have an established process. When the process of change has been established, it can be used throughout the organization wherever change is needed. The organization might find they can establish one change process for documentation, but might have a slightly different process for changes in policies and procedures and yet another process best tailored for changing human resources or organizational structuring. Regardless of the...


Process improvement is one of many types of organizational change. From the time you begin a process improvement project, you are engaged in a change initiative. Implementing process change comes with challenges that are essentially the same as those of any business change. So it’s important to review the major steps in the change process, understand how to minimize the risks associated with change, and be prepared to communicate about the change so those affected will support the process changes.