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When Leaders Are at Their Best

“FEARLESS.” That’s what it says in bold white letters on a black bracelet that Barby Siegel wears.1 She borrowed it from her teenage daughter to serve as a daily reminder of the spirit she likes to bring to her role as CEO of Zeno Group, an award-winning, multidisciplinary public relations firm. And it’s exactly that kind of spirit that fueled the extraordinary growth and willingness to take risks that PRWeek cited in 2011 when it awarded Ze...



Successful leaders work hard to ensure that everyone on their team feels motivated and valued. Executives from a variety of organizations and industries have found that by implementing five key practices, they can spread the message that leadership is not the sole responsibility of certain individuals; it comes from every part and every level of the organization. Although the next reading is longer than the others in this tutorial, we’ve chosen to include it because it aptly summarizes the practices that people use when they are at their best as leaders.