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The Importance of Managing Change

Once there was a time when you could experience change and then return to a period of relative stability. In that era, as things settled down, you could thoughtfully plan and get ready for another change. Kurt Lewin described these phases as unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. The reality today is that there is no refreezing. There’s no rest and no getting ready.

In the midst of this chaos, it’s hard for people to maintain perspective. The situation reminds us of the story about the little girl who comes home from school one day and asks her mother (although today it certainly could be her father), “Why does Daddy work so late every night?” The m...


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Change can seem daunting. Think of it as a journey from what is now to what can be then. By learning what to expect en route—and how to spot and work around the traps and potholes along the way—you can make the journey smoother, for yourself and for your team.