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People don’t change because you want them to. They might not even change if they want to. Three conditions must be present for a person to effectively engage with you in this conversation: willingness, desire, and courage. If the person is willing to work with you to see things differently, he believes the conversation has a payoff he desires, and he has the courage to let go of old habits of thinking, there is a good chance the conversation will be both successful and meaningful.

Willingness to Talk

You can’t insist someone have an exploratory conversation with you and expect it to be fruitful. You need to declare your intention and then gauge if s...


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VERY, VERY few people will ever really get the necessity of discomfort for growth and creativity ... it's NECESSARY to have your back against the wall, to be in a really tough spot AND also to have a willingness to talk and to share, a desire or need to create based on personal value and vision as well as the courage to look within.