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When starting out, one of the first things people do is navigate to the core /themes directory and take a look at the files in the themes to get an idea of the general structure and contents. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of starting out by directly customizing core themes. Do not make this mistake! They usually run into roadblocks and frustration shortly thereafter. Drupal has a large and diverse user base, and the main goal of a core Drupal theme is to cater to the masses.


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  • Part IV: Front-End Development
  • from The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7
  • by Károly Négyesi, Claudina Sarahe, Dani Nordin, Ed Carlevale, Benjamin Melançon, Amye Scavarda, Ryan Szrama, Kay VanValkenburgh, Brian Travis, Greg Anderson, Robert Douglass, Roy Scholten, Peter Wolanin, Susan Stewart, Mike Gifford, Forest Mars, Sam Boyer, Florian Lorétan, Allie Micka, Jake Strawn, Stefan Freudenberg, Dmitri Gaskin, Bojhan Somers, Albert Albala, George Cassie, Kasey Qynn Dolin, Jacine Luisi, Dan Hakimzadeh, Robin Monks, Nathaniel Catchpole, Stéphane Corlosquet, Mike Ryan, Michelle Lauer, Greg Stout
  • Publisher: Apress
  • Released: July 2011


Do not modify core themes!!