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Clarifying Your Manager’s Expectations of You

Communicating with your manager about what he expects of you is an ongoing process. First you analyze what you think he expects. Then you meet with him to discuss these responsibilities and levels of authority. It may take more than one meeting for you to both agree. After meeting, you must continually dialogue with your manager to be sure you are on target and to include changes as they occur. Let’s look at each of these three activities. Figure 2-1, “Clarifying Expectations Worksheet,” is a worksheet to help you analyze and clarify your boss’s expectations of you.

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As you learned in the last reading, communicating about expectations is an ongoing process. Several meetings and continuing dialogue may be necessary to understand expectations, responsibilities, and levels of authority. This lesson covers these topics and provides a worksheet you can use to help you define your responsibilities and level of authority so that you can more effectively communicate with your boss and meet expectations.