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The results of this level of trust go all the way from keys to a building to office and computer supplies. As another example, Google provides us with cabinets stocked with various and sundry office supplies (e.g., pens, notebooks, and other “legacy” implements of creation) that we’re free to take as we need them. Our IT department runs numerous “Tech Stops” that provide self-service areas that are like a mini-electronics store. These contain lots of computer accessories and doodads (e.g., power supplies, cables, mice, USB drives, etc.) that it would be easy to just grab and walk off with, but since we’re being entrusted to check these items out we feel a responsibility to Do The Right Thing. Many p...


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We need this kind of mentality badly. We have many things way too locked down because we don't trust people. What is the real cost of this mistrust?