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An EUI-64 can be formed from an EUI-48 by copying the 24-bit OUI value from the EUI-48 address to the EUI-64 address, placing the 16-bit value 1111111111111110 (hex FFFE) in the fourth and fifth bytes of the EUI-64 address, and then copying the remaining organization-assigned bits. For example, the EUI-48 address 00-11-22-33-44-55 would become 00-11-22-FF-FE-33-44-55 in EUI-64. This mapping is the first step used by IPv6 in constructing its interface identifiers when such underlying EUI-48 addresses are available. The modified EUI-64 used to form IIDs for IPv6 addresses simply inverts the u bit.


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How to modified EUI-48(MAC address) to EUI-64 for forming IID for IPv6 address.