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What could cause friction? Maybe you followed my advice on using Twitter because I mentioned it’s my blog’s biggest source of views after search engines. Maybe you started using Twitter more, but you don’t like it. Should you continue to use it in that case? No—even if it’s working. Going out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean doing things you really don’t like—it’s about silencing the little voice that says you are too afraid or not good enough to achieve something. If you don’t like it, stop using it and move to the next thing: there are plenty of ways to get visibility online. This is what I’m doing with Google+. As a techni...


I am on Facebook. However, it was causing friction because I did not want to devote the time and effort that it takes to monitor and maintain the account providing new personal content regularly and staying active communicating with everybody. I kind of abandoned my Facebook account (except for programming purposes and to use the Facebook login feature for websites I visit) to focus on my website and Twitter instead.