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Phase IV: Activity 1: Prepare the Final Implementation Plan

It is extremely difficult to migrate from the current state to the future-state solution without a good understanding of the current state. By understanding the current state and comparing it with the future-state solution, the magnitude of the change can be identified, and proper change management activities can be put in place to break down resistance and to build support.

An implementation team is formed to prepare a detailed implementation plan and coordinate the changes. It may or may not include all the members of the original PIT. Often, Department Improvement Te...


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Translating process improvement ideas into concrete action requires careful planning and execution. A good implementation plan ensures that the actions needed to make the process changes work are understood and effectively installed. In this selection, learn what questions need to be answered in your process improvement implementation plan and what needs to be done to install the new process.

You’ll notice a reference to “PIT” which stands for “Process Improvement Team.”