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Before we get into the specifics of context, there is one important distinction to draw, between exploratory and explanatory analysis. Exploratory analysis is what you do to understand the data and figure out what might be noteworthy or interesting to highlight to others. When we do exploratory analysis, it’s like hunting for pearls in oysters. We might have to open 100 oysters (test 100 different hypotheses or look at the data in 100 different ways) to find perhaps two pearls. When we’re at the point of communicating our analysis to our audience, we really want to be in the explanatory space, meaning you have a specific thing you want to explain, a specific story you wan...


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Exploratory vs Explanatory analysis - Exploratory analysis is like shucking 100000 oysters to find 2 pearls. The two pearls are the stories you want to explain and show. No one cares how much work it took you to shuck the 99998 oysters, they just want to eat and enjoy them.