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The term Lean is often misunderstood as “being cheap.” While “being Lean” is fundamentally about eliminating waste or being efficient with resources, that interpretation is not completely misguided because money happens to be one of those resources.

However, in a Lean Startup, we strive to optimize utilization of our scarcest resource, which is time. Specifically, our objective is maximizing learning (about customers) per unit time.

The key takeaway from Lean Startup can best be summed up around the concept of using smaller, faster iterati...


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This is a key approach to keep in mind with FMAC. There are many dimensions on which to iterate, but I think the big ones are: per-unit pricing, library vs a la carte model (e.g., what is a "unit"?), and module format (e.g., what is "included" in a module?).