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The path/filepath package provides path manipulation functions—for example, the filepath.Base() function returns the basename (i.e., the filename) of the given path. After outputting the message the program terminates using the os.Exit() function and returns 1 to the operating system. On Unix-like systems a return value of 0 is used to indicate success, with nonzero values indicating a usage error or a failure.

The use of the filepath.Base() function illustrates a nice feature of Go: When a package is imported, no matter whether it is top-level or logically inside another package (e.g., path/filepath), we always refer to it usi...


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poor grammar construction. First Para introduces two concepts 1. path/filepath package and 2.os.exit. They are not related. Then the second Para elaborates on path/filepath. This should be re-organized to avoid confusion . I had to read it 3 times before I could understand the two paragraphs.