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(deftest test-app (let [url "http://example.com/post" id "test" path (str "/links/" id)] (testing "creating a link" (let [response (app (mock/request :post path url))] (is (= 200 (:status response))) (is (= path (:body response))))) (testing "visiting a link" (testing "when the link exists" (let [response (app (mock/request :get path))] (testing "returns a 302" (is (= 302 (:status response))) (testing "with the correct location" (is (= url (get-in response [:headers "Location"]))))))) (testing "when the link does not exist" (let [response (app (mock/request :get "/links/nothing"))] (testing "returns a 4...


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Again, this test only works if you reload the application.clj after each run. It doesn't reset the app, so the test for insertion will fail.