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Initial Project Understanding

The first step in the process project is initiating the project. This may entail gaining entry to an organization as a consultant or simply being assigned as an employee project manager for an improvement project. In either case, once assigned a project, one must quickly gain an understanding of the work to a level of detail that allows the project work to be planned. Such understanding is documented in an SOW that becomes a contract between the process project team and the client.

In eliciting information, the consultant or project manager should triangulate, obtaining three sources of information about every aspect and topic area to be covered. Triangula...


Cover of Process Mapping and Management


Just like any business project, a process improvement project begins with planning. Learn about key elements to include in your project plan, such as defining the project sponsor’s expectations, and clarifying project goals, roles, and deliverables.

You’ll notice a reference to “SOW” which is an acronym for “Statement of Work.”