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his side of the house is nonverbal. It can retrieve language but can’t create it. It favors learning by synthesis: putting things together to form wholes. It’s very concrete, in the sense of relating to things just as they are, in the present moment. It uses analogies to evaluate relationships between things. It likes a good story and doesn’t bother with timekeeping. It’s not bound by rationality in that it does not require a basis of reason or known facts in order to process input—it’s perfectly willing to suspend judgment.

The R-mode is decidedly holistic and wants to see the whole thing at once, perceiving the overall patterns and structures....


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This is completely me! No wonder writing code sounds so daunting: it is primarily left-brain. I have tried to be L-brained to fit in with how I thought others wanted me to be. Actually I am much more R-brained than I realize. Hare-brained. R-brained. I like this.