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Table 10.1 Comparison of Hardware and Software Reliability Characteristics.

Hardware Software
1 Failures can be caused by deficiencies in design, production, use and maintenance. Failures are primarily due to design faults. Repairs are made by modifying the design to make it robust against the condition that triggered the failure.
2 Failures can be due to wear or other energy-related phenomena. Sometimes warning is available before failure occurs (e.g. system can become noisy i...


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One item missing from this discussion, ie open source DevOps engineering, illustrates how software reliability is about more than just the product -- increasingly reliability, maintainability and scalability are about the organizational architecture of the company and the impact of that architecture on the culture found in the daily workflow of development teams. This is the central idea behind the open source HarmFarm.ORG repository of testing and simulation tools for software reliability.