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Effective change leaders use both success and failure to foster learning and growth. One way they do this is by coaching the change management team throughout the change process. They realize that every situation has the potential for teaching members important lessons. Coaches who facilitate learning encourage individuals to be open about their failures and fears, as well as their triumphs. This promotes honesty and builds trust.

The following seven skills are essential for coaching effectiveness:

1. Provide specific...


Cover of Planning and Managing Change


Subject Overview

All change leaders must be prepared to support their teams through the inevitable ups and downs of any project. When you look at your role as one of facilitating learning and achievement rather than of enforcing rules or deadlines, you create an open, honest climate and help ensure people’s commitment to the goal.

Lesson Introduction

Coach members of your team to support them in reaching their project-related goals. By helping them solve problems and learn from both successes and failures, you provide them with the motivation to continue to contribute to the best of their abilities.