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Let’s begin this discussion by looking at how a major retailer grappled with the need to change. In fact, Simmons Stores is just one example of an organization that realized it had to change. As you will see, the need for change became evident when a variety of factors indicated the way Simmons had been doing business was no longer effective.

What Happened to Simmons Stores

Beginning in the 1990s, all major retailers experienced a dramatic change in the way consumers bought merchandise. ...


Cover of Planning and Managing Change


Subject Overview

You or others in your organization may sense the need for improvement but may not know exactly where to start. By assessing the need for change, you can determine where your team or our organization may be vulnerable—and where opportunities may lie. Before you launch an initiative, you’ll also want to ensure that members of your team believe in and are ready to work toward the change.

Lesson Introduction

It’s important to stay attuned to indicators that change is necessary on a team or in an organization. By doing so, you can look for ways to change in a planned and purposeful manner—before a crisis occurs.