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Change in business, as in life, is inevitable, and the amount, pace, and complexity of change are accelerating at an ever-increasing rate. Thus, whether it is called reengineering, culture change, global execution, or mergers and acquisitions, there is more organizational change to contend with than ever before. Change also impacts our personal lives. We change jobs; our children leave home; and sometimes we move across the country. Thus, the period in which we are living is one in which change is the norm.

What does this mean for you? Today, the responsibility for managing change is part of your job description. In fact, everyone in a leadership role must take on the...


Cover of Planning and Managing Change


Today, all managers need to be equipped to lead their teams through the change process. By paying attention to three aspects of change, you can take action in a planned, proactive way, whatever the scope of the transformation you’re leading.