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Chapter 2
The Wise Motivator

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others; it is the only thing.”

—Albert Schweitzer

How motivated are you to do your job? Think big picture and specific projects or tasks. A highly motivated leader will keep others motivated. You want high-energy, productive, focused, and motivated employees. Who doesn’t?

Maintaining Self-Motivation

Self-motivation trickles down to both internal and external customers, creates a positive work environment, contributes to financial...


Subject Overview
With innovation comes change, and change can be hard. When you create a positive work climate, you inspire team members to take risks and “think differently.” Learn how to set an environment where people feel comfortable and motivated to seek new solutions to old problems.

Lesson Introduction
As a manager, your reaction to change affects how your team responds. Discover how to lead by example—and serve as a role model for dealing with changing circumstances.