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Solve Problems

“When I started working with this customer four years ago, we were splitting the business with several competitors. They had plants across the country and I wanted them all, but my customer felt like they were better off not putting all of their eggs in one basket.” Mitch, a national account manager assigned to a large food account, explained “Recently, though, we were awarded an exclusive contract for all of their business.”

Mitch is a problem solver. He works relentlessly to understand his clients’ businesses and proactively bring solutions to the table. This customer is a huge national food manufacturer and his f...


Cover of People Love You: The Real Secret to Delivering Legendary Customer Experiences


L03 36min When you strip everything else away—the myriad customer service philosophies, the clichés, marketing slogans, technology, and so on—customer service and account management is about one thing: One person (You) helping another person (Your Customer) solve a problem. Otherwise, what is the point? You can build the most connected relationships ever; you can employ sophisticated customer service processes and techniques; your company can invest in the latest technology for managing customer relationships and issues; you can deploy sophisticated strategic account management processes; and your marketing team can create cool slogans that attempt to sell your company’s focus on the customer. None of this matters, however, if you are...