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The Seven Essential Principles of Customer Engagement

Let’s get this straight from the get-go. You do not work for a perfect company or boss. Your product or service is flawed. Your support team, service delivery team, warehouse, billing department, help desk, technicians, engineers, installers, and so forth will make mistakes, show up late, and say stupid things to your customers. You will always have more customers and more on your plate than you think you can manage. Your customer will almost always want more than you and your company can or will deliver. Sometimes these demands will be unreasonable. Customers will almost always notice imperfections, call about service d...


L01 Yet there are certain foundational principles that will guide you through the process of working with customers. Principles are basic truths, morals, and ethical standards. As people we are inherently guided by our principles. Principles dictate our behaviors, decisions, and every aspect of our interactions with those around us. For this reason, the most successful account managers rely on a firm set of principles and values that guide them in customer relationships much as tracks guide a train.

My goal with this chapter is to ground you in a core set of principles that when internalized will help you engage customers and develop enduring relationships.