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Here are three guidelines:

Concise: What are the fewest number of pieces that effectively convey everything you wish to suggest about yourself as a designer/photographer? Can you create the most concise statement? In fact, this might be a starting point. You need to bear in mind that if you have too many pieces, the impact of individual works can get lost. As the viewer of your portfolio looks through it, an impression can be built cumulatively. Once you establish this, you don't need to go any further.

Convincing: What quantity will demonstrate that you are capable of the scope of work and production required for your intended goal? What will sho...


Cover of No Plastic Sleeves


  • less is more: mitä vähemmällä saa oman persoonan ja taidot esille, sitä parempi
  • liian suuri määrä saattaa hukuttaa yksittäisen työn hienoudet