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Helping Others Learn

All team members, including testers, can use their coaching and leadership skills to help their teammates learn.

Aldo Rall, a test manager in South Africa, told us how he helped new team members gain confidence.

New testers on our team were too afraid to participate in the normal collaborative mechanisms of working in agile teams. They also had some cultural disadvantages which made them reticent to question or challenge the team’s current thinking or process.

The organization was also not very well educated abo...


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Learning is not necessarily a solo journey. One of the best ways to learn is to collaborate with others to promote everyone’s learning. Discover through the following two case examples how members of a team can work together to foster team learning.

One of the examples comes from a SCRUM team. SCRUM teams use a simple framework for effective collaboration during Agile software development projects. For more information about Agile concepts, link to the source book or the Agile Development Primer tutorial.