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Time for Learning

Learning takes time. If you are constantly running just to keep up, you won’t have time to learn and try new ideas. In Chapter 2, “The Importance of Organizational Culture”, we talked about the significance of nurturing a learning culture so that team members feel they can take time to research, experiment with new techniques, or just take time to think (See Figure 6-5).

Figure 6-5. Make time for learning



Cover of More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team


Continual learning is a critical part of every employees' development at our company. But sometimes other tasks and responsibilities get in the way of learning. Strengthen you learning mindset by making learning a personal priority.

You will notice a passing reference to “The Agile Acid Test,” which is a set of characteristics that define Agile software development.

For more information on the concept, view the source book.