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For TOGAF readers, one item of vocabulary still has to be explained. TOGAF often refers to solution architecture. Here, the term “architecture” designates a description, and more precisely a logical view, as opposed to the “solution,” which represents a technical reality. This distinction can be clearly seen in the terms “Architecture Building Block” and “Solution Building Block” (respectively ABB and SBB). The logical specification of an element is an ABB, while its physical equivalent is a SBB. These two types of element are present in the architecture repository, which enables either the documentation or the physical component to be reused, according to the c...


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Do ABBs and SBBs exist in every domain - business, application, information and technology or does it make sense in the context of a business solution where the ABBs of a business solution are the logical conceptualization of the business solution's blocks, and the SBBs are the physical realization of the ABBs?