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import { AngularFireModule } from 'angularfire2';


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AngularDatabase(same for AngularAuth) is separated to its own module AngularFireDatabaseModule(AngularFireAuthModule for AngularAuth) from version angularFire2@4.0.0, see documentation here.

you should import AngularFireDatabaseModule(AngularFireAuthModule for Authentication) in your RootModule.

import { AngularFireModule } from 'angularfire2';
// for AngularFireDatabase
import { AngularFireDatabaseModule } from 'angularfire2/database';
import { AngularFireDatabase, FirebaseObjectObservable } from 'angularfire2/database';
// for AngularFireAuth
import { AngularFireAuthModule } from 'angularfire2/auth';
import { AngularFireAuth } from 'angularfire2/au...