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Communicating change

Without a doubt change is better accepted and made if communication about it is good. If change is coming then people need to know about it. Just walking into the office one day to find something is radically different is likely to make most people unsettled and often resentful. How much people need to know, how far in advance, in what detail and so on depends on a number of factors, not least their proximity to the change: that is how much it will affect them or how they are involved in it. Clearly if people are involved in the implementation of change then they need to know and understand their role clearly and appropriately in a...


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Change typically makes people uncomfortable or even anxious. Good managers excel at communicating the change to their teams in terms that make sense, to help people feel confident in the new direction. By being as open as you can and tailoring the message for different groups, you can set a positive tone and get team members engaged.