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Step one: Think about whether the occasion suits a virtual meeting

For many business situations, such as a project team catch-up or discussions about a non-controversial subject, not having all the participants in the same place is not a problem. As long as you have an agenda (see below) and a clear idea of what you want to achieve, you should be able to move through most items painlessly.

Sometimes, however, meeting in person is much the better option. You may be better off with this route if, for example, you are:



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Subject Overview

Managing virtual meetings requires you to have the foundational skills for preparing for and conducting face-to-face meetings. However, virtual meetings pose additional challenges. For instance, communication among participants can be more difficult, technology more unreliable, and distractions more prevalent.

To effectively lead a virtual meeting, you need to:

  • Choose a meeting format
  • Plan the technology
  • Prevent and manage technology problems
  • Prepare participants
  • Engage people in the virtual environment

Lesson Introduction

Before deciding to conduct a virtual meeting, consider whether a virtual sessio...