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9 How to describe change

On day 1 of any change, the ability to describe in detail your change in a tangible and relevant way will put you in a great place to start. The technique is called ‘defining your Change Elements’.

The problem with change

Change looks a lot like this. We have a start point, A, and an end point, B, and in between we need to make things happen and change to reach B.

The path is not clear


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Subject Overview

You have designed a plan and prepared your team for change—now it’s time for implementation. By working together to break the initiative into smaller steps, create alignment around the project, and set up systems for tracking progress, you can maintain momentum during this crucial phase.

Lesson Introduction

To implement a change initiative, you need to break it into smaller steps—or “Change Elements.” Doing so will help the process become manageable, with a much higher likelihood of achieving the desired outcome.