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To vendor all your dependencies, run godep save inside the project directory. A log stream of all the files being copied will be shown, and once complete you’ll see that a new Godeps directory has been created as evident in Figure 10.1.


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<h1 id="an-h1-header">An h1 header</h1>
<p>Paragraphs are separated by a blank line.</p>
<p>2nd paragraph. <em>Italic</em>, <strong>bold</strong>, and <code>monospace</code>. Itemized lists<br>look like:</p>
<li>this one</li>
<li>that one</li>
<li>the other one</li>
<p>Note that — not considering the asterisk — the actual text<br>content starts at 4-columns in.</p>
<p>Block quotes are<br>written like so.</p>
<p>They can span multiple paragraphs,<br>if you like...