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Interpersonal Savvy in the Workplace

You already use the skills associated with interpersonal savvy when you make friends or meet new people. Outside work, these skills might seem effortless—less like a tool set and more like an aura of friendliness and approachability you radiate to other people. After all, outside work you can generally choose the people you see and talk to each day, and they have the same freedom, so you and the people around you tend to gravitate toward people you naturally like. It's not hard to be a good listener when you meet a famous athlete in the park downtown. He has great stories about different players he's worked with a...


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<div class="toot-lesson-introduction"> <p>Positive interpersonal skills are crucial to successful work relationships. This selection illustrates how your behavior towards others affects your ability to be influential and support others’ job effectiveness.</p> </div>