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Your Red Flag Journal and How to Use It

The key to transforming a frustrating red flag scenario into an opportunity for interpersonal savvy is recognizing the scenario and your own feelings about it. One way you can learn to slow down the feeling-thought-behavior chain of events is by keeping a journal of various conversations you have throughout your day. Try to pick out conversations or situations that make you feel pressured, uncomfortable, impatient, angry, or bored. This is your chance to take control of those situations and make them work for you.

After you've logged a few of these conversations or situations, look over them and see whether...


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What situations trigger unproductive behavior in you? Begin by keeping a journal to record conversations or situations that make you feel uncomfortable. In this selection you’ll learn how to use a red flag journal to identify the feelings at the root of unproductive behavior, and determine how to interact more positively when you face challenging situations in the future.