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It's Not a Trick—It's Real Life

Perhaps this entire discussion about building interpersonal savvy comes across to you as a little too simple. “After all,” you might be thinking, “isn't this just a kind of trick? Is it really good to project personal attributes I don't actually possess?” The short answer is that you have nothing to worry about in that regard. You have the capacity for interpersonal savvy because you're a human being, and we use skills like these all the time in our personal lives to comfort sick family members, delight our friends with old stories, or teach a stranger how to play chess. Good leaders use these skills in both their...


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Experimenting with new behaviors can feel inauthentic at first. In this selection, you’ll learn the benefits of applying the skills you naturally use with family and friends when responding to the needs of work colleagues. You’ll also become familiar with an effective strategy for strengthening your interpersonal savvy.